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Boston vs. San Francisco

boston.com 에서 Boston이 미국 내에 여러 category에 몇등에 해당하는지 정리해 놓은 기사가 있었다.
San Francisco는 각각 그 순위가 어떻게 되는지 찾아서 한번 정리해 보았다.

San Francisco가 Boston에 약간 밀리는 분위기인데….
왜 나는 Boston으로 다시 돌아가고 싶지 않을까. ^^

Best Cities for Families
Boston :  3rd
San Francisco :  63rd
Who says: Parenting Magazine

Boston (Cambridge) :  1st
San Francisco :  not on the list
Who says: Amazon.com

Boston :  3rd
San Francisco :  6th
Who says: The American College of Sports Medicine

Among Greatest Cities for College Graduates
Boston : on the list
San Francisco :  on the list
Who says: Kiplinger.com

Boston : 5th
San Francisco : 2nd
Who says: RealAge

Most Pissed-Off (Higher number means angrier -.-;)
Boston : 81st 
San Francisco : 35th
Who says: Men’s Health Magazine

Best Place to Live for Those with Autism
Boston : 4th
San Francisco : not on the list
Who says: Autism Speaks

Worst Commute
Boston : 8th
San Francisco : 6th
Who says: The 4th Annual INRIX National Traffic Scorecard

Sports Town
Boston : 2nd
San Francisco : 32nd
Who says: The Sporting News 

Boston : 2nd
San Francisco : 3rd
Who says: Badoo, a social networking and dating site  

Boston : 6th
San Francisco : 11th
Who says: The Daily Beast

Boston : 3rd
San Francisco : 2nd
Who says: The Daily Beast 

Best College Town
Boston : 4th
San Francisco : 1st
Who says: American Institute for Economic Research 

Boston : 2nd
San Francisco : 8th
Who says: Forbes 

Boston : 8th
San Francisco : 1st
Who says: Runner’s World 
Boston : 6th
San Francisco : 14th
Who says: Travel and Leisure 

Best Microbrews
Boston : 7th
San Francisco : 9th
Who says: Travel and Leisure 

Boston : 8th
San Francisco : 3rd
Who says: Daily Beast 

Most Wired
Boston : 12th
San Francisco : 4th
Who says: Forbes 



4 thoughts on “Boston vs. San Francisco”

    1. 계획이 변경되어서요…^^
      다른 분들께 이제는 여자친구라고 공개해도 될거라 생각했는데…
      그 자매랑 잘 안되었네요…^^

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